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Dormit is now hiring interns
Our simple application is at the bottom of this page!
design team

Graphic Designer

Work with other teams to develop designs tailored to their needs. Marketing, for instance, needs social media flyers/banners, email templates, and logo/icon iterations. The UI/UX designers need personalized icons. The game developers are working on cool stuff too that they might want to give to you.

UI/UX Designer

Prototype and implement modern, high-quality websites and mobile applications for customers, Rushers, and for in-house dashboards. Take interest in design and customer psychology. Perform market research and conduct focus groups to help your iteration process.

developer team

Web Developer

We are looking for experienced web developers to work with our UI/UX designers to iterate the DormIt website and/or implement websites / widgets / web apps for our partners. Experience with React and Firebase are preferable, but don't hesitate to apply if you can offer something new!

App Developer

In this role, you’ll be working iteratively with our UI/UX team to implement one or any of our multiple mobile applications. You’ll also be working alongside our Data Science cohort to securely collect information about the market and optimize our services. Experience with React Native and Firebase is preferable, but feel free to apply if you can offer a new skillset, including but not limited to Flutter, Swift and Java.

marketing team

Media & Content Creation

DormIt needs individuals passionate about marketing and social media to come up with marketing strategies and directing content. You will:
- Manage our social media accounts and email lists
- Brainstorm and create content and marketing campaigns
- Work with our actors and videographers to shoot DormIt content


We need people to capture the exciting, memorable moments that DormIt will create, such as first delivery made, first deal with a restaurant, and first million in revenue! If you want to be a part of this experience and help capture these memories, we encourage you to apply! You will:

 - Show off our team

 - Edit our videos to post on social media and websites

 - Take unique product photography for our website

 - Record DormIt in action all-around for various projects


Interested in acting? Want to help DormIt create fun, entertaining content and ads? Apply now! You will:

 - Come to set to film entertaining content

 - Work alongside a crew of directors and videographers

 - Get to explore your creativity in a fun way

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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